Why poetry is special?

Just as when we look at a picture in a gallery, our observations are very individual and personal to us; our eyes see things differently to someone else. When listening to music, we are often touched on varying emotional levels, by what we hear. I feel with poetry we interpret what we read or listen to in a very unique way, that can often resonate within us for days, maybe even a lifetime.

For me writing poetry enables a means of communication with a depth of expression that I would find challenging if asked to articulate verbally. Whether having happy, pensive or confusing thoughts, the ability to de clutter my mind by writing, then reading back what has tumbled out rhythmically onto paper in verse, is for me therapy in itself.

Please take a look at my tumbling’s.


Freedom brings happinessLive for the present
Live for the day
Feel the freedom
Whatever they say

Don’t build on tomorrows
They may never be
Your future can twist
You need trust and see

The journey you’ve planned for
Just may never be
So appreciate each moment
Just live and be free

Just Relax

Just relaxJust relax
Cus this is your time
Your time for you
My time is mine
Its ok it’s allowed
It’s the moment grasp it
Feel it be it
Surround yourself
Drink it in
Breathe it in
Its free it’s ok
You’re ok
I’m ok
My music
My home
My garden
Feel it’s touch
Listen to its depth
Let your breath rise and fall
To it’s chorus
Its beauty for ever surrounds
Just be with it let it be
Drink in its awareness deep into you
Swallow hard
Be a part
Of what life offers too

Home is where the Heart is

Home is where the heart isWhere we grumble the most
And are treated the best

Well someone said that
But surely home is all of these and much much more

Why it’s where our hearth and slippers dwell
Our dogs and cats and memories be
It’s where we feel safe, secure and loved
At least it’s where we should, feel all those things

But most of all it’s where we wake with vision as the rising sun
To what the new day has to offer
Where we eat drink make merry with friends, acquaintances old and new
And maybe yet to be

It’s where we unburden our darkest secrets of the soul
We make love with fervent passion
We laugh we cry so deep and intense the two become as one in our midst
But most of all it’s where we lay our weary heads to rest at the end of the day
We sigh we unwind we breathe deeply reflecting on what the day had to offer
And we unburden the turmoil, or we give thanks for the inspiration
As the sun sets over our wonderful domain
And we drift off into the slumbers of another blissful night
Knowing that all is well within our home and our being
We give thanks to God the Universe to the force that gives us breath to love
That all is well and at peace

Home is where the Hurt is

Home is where the hurt isThe pain I can’t abide
When he walks bold into the house
It clenches deep inside

Will it be me or another?
In the wake of his mighty wrath
Or will he take my brother
And run that ice cold bath

Will I hear screams from my Mother?
Along the floor being pulled
The thud of fist upon her flesh
Trembling numb and cold

Has the door slammed, maybe he’s out?
But evenings come and go
Will he come back to my bed tonight?
To haunt me down below

If there’s a God in Heaven
Please take him away from here
Or very soon I’ll stay asleep
Leaving distress and fear

The Cripple at the Royal Visit

The Cripple at the Royal VisitGaiety and colour in its splendour adorns the crowd who wait
Shuffling foot to foot and muffling hands that rub to numb the chill that’s in the air today
Smiling faces, noisy chatter, how they fill the air with muffled drones of conversation

Lanky, Stocky, light and dark, all a roaming mass
But look!
What’s that the corner of my eye I see?
A twitching fretting thing in a wheel chair being pushed
Not too near me I hope
Just look such deformation
I feel my body prickle to a shudder
As they wheel him past

I shall soon forget, cus it’s not my fret
Why lucky are we to stand in a line, and never be aghast with stares
How mindless we’ve allowed ourselves to be

Sunrise to Sunset

Sunrise to sunsetOh Great Sun
Rise in me as you skyward move, from your dormant slumbers
Charge me with a passion deep within
As you choose it upon every day you transcend

Fill me with that deep red warmth
The kind that clamours deep within my being

Fill me with burning passion
Like the ache that makes me hold on tight through pleasure and pain

Be there when the surging rises up into my being
Like a flame filled torch
And as my light lifts up into my mindfulness
Let me move tentatively within your guidance
Into soft lilac glows of inspiration

Let my day be what I will make forth
Knowing that as the twilight draws nearer

You will rest again taking thoughts of comfort and turmoil with you to sleep

Melancholic Mood

Silhouette of a depressed man by the lakeWhat is this impending doom?
It circulates it’s in the room
It’s all outside, it fills the air
Arcing me, seems so unfair

The morose greyness of its sticky sludge
Engulph’s my brain and wraps around
It makes me heavy dull and wain
Feels like I’ll never smile again

Sometimes I wish that sleep will take
Me to a place that just supports
Where I can float in limbo there
To know that peace not my despair

My bleak abandonment of self
Like death of mind and nothing else
My consciousness is slowly beaten
Bite by bite I’m being eaten

I long to go in bliss to sleep
To not exist, just drift
Into the universe that’s vast
To walk away from life at last

Give up the fight it’s all too much
My tangled life torn far and wide
My thought of other I can but care
My emotions bland, it’s my despair

My body light I drift away
I leave not pausing, cannot stay
Off into the universe
Leaving chattels here on earth

My spirit leaves, my body stays
Into the ground it rots away
I can’t turn back from this dimension
That does not feel of my intention

This is a freedom a sense I belong
If what I have done seems not wrong
Its history now at last I’m free
Don’t make judgement you are not me