Melancholic Mood

Silhouette of a depressed man by the lakeWhat is this impending doom?
It circulates it’s in the room
It’s all outside, it fills the air
Arcing me, seems so unfair

The morose greyness of its sticky sludge
Engulph’s my brain and wraps around
It makes me heavy dull and wain
Feels like I’ll never smile again

Sometimes I wish that sleep will take
Me to a place that just supports
Where I can float in limbo there
To know that peace not my despair

My bleak abandonment of self
Like death of mind and nothing else
My consciousness is slowly beaten
Bite by bite I’m being eaten

I long to go in bliss to sleep
To not exist, just drift
Into the universe that’s vast
To walk away from life at last

Give up the fight it’s all too much
My tangled life torn far and wide
My thought of other I can but care
My emotions bland, it’s my despair

My body light I drift away
I leave not pausing, cannot stay
Off into the universe
Leaving chattels here on earth

My spirit leaves, my body stays
Into the ground it rots away
I can’t turn back from this dimension
That does not feel of my intention

This is a freedom a sense I belong
If what I have done seems not wrong
Its history now at last I’m free
Don’t make judgement you are not me