Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – P.T.S.D.


What exactly is it? Is it something Soldiers get? Shell shock/battle fatigue. The simple answer Yes but anyone can suffer these effects after a trauma. When asked to describe exactly what it is I would say a range of psychological symptoms people may experience after a traumatic event, which is outside the normal human experience……

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Why did this happen to me? Why did they have to leave me? The death of someone close is devastating, it is bigger and more painful than we could ever imagine. Its impact on us can be anything from bearably painful to emotionally catastrophic. Mourning is the natural way we come to terms with our…..

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Thumping the desk

Angry feelings can lead to damaging and violent behaviour, hardly any wonder we are frightened of anger, many things will influence the way we feel about expressing anger, the way we are brought up or what we have witnesses from parents and other adults. Anger that is out of control can be destructive and very…..

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