Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – P.T.S.D.

What exactly is it?

Is it something Soldiers get? Shell shock/battle fatigue.

The simple answer Yes but anyone can suffer these effects after a trauma.


Man in distress

When asked to describe exactly what it is I would say a range of psychological symptoms people may experience after a traumatic event, which is outside the normal human experience.

It is often a delayed response to a stressful event or situation which can be short or long lasting, it can be exceptionally threatening or long lasting by nature and can cause huge distress in almost anyone.

Symptoms vary, however having faced a traumatic experience, you may well feel emotionally numb to begin with, feelings of distress may not be at first apparent. Sooner or later you may develop emotional and physical reactions and see changes in behaviour.

Reliving  parts of the trauma

  • Vivid flashbacks, feeling as if the trauma is happening all over again.
  • Invasive thoughts and images
  • Nightmares

Powerful suffering at real or symbolic reminders of the trauma

‘It just feels like I will never really trust anything ever again’

Survivors often feel extremely guilty, or even a sense of responsibility.

Stress responses that are bottled up over months or years become deeply ingrained and may cause serious problems.

To share experiences with a trained counsellor who specialises in PTSD can be beneficial. Carefully working with a client to avoid re-traumatisation over a period of time using skills and techniques, can prove to be an invaluable aid to getting some normality back into your life.