Thumping the deskAngry feelings can lead to damaging and violent behaviour, hardly any wonder we are frightened of anger, many things will influence the way we feel about expressing anger, the way we are brought up or what we have witnesses from parents and other adults. Anger that is out of control can be destructive and very frightening. Perhaps you have been alarmed by the ferocity and strength of your own bad temper.

Anyone can become angry that’s easy  

But to be angry with the right person

To the right degree

At the right time

For the right purpose & in the right way

Is not easy



Anger is often an ultimatum for change, a fervent yearning for things to be different.

Anger becomes a problem when it takes you over, and becomes imbedded into your character, or when the rage from it impacts in a terrifying way on others emotionally and physically.

When working with anger, it takes time.  Often it has become part of the personality.

(He or she is an angry person) almost a habit for nearly their lifetime, becoming a monster. Coming to understand it, where it comes from and what drives it and what lights the touch paper really can be a healthy start to getting it within your control.

People who are angry are touched at a deep level by the events in their lives and feel very strongly about them. Looking at a positive take, with serious illness it can become a healthy strength that gives the grit and determination to fight, when needed

Only you know if it’s an issue in your life. Asking for help is a strength.